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    Painting, drawing and alla prima sketches.

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    Mostly art related thoughts, but the rambles could go anywhere.

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    The books, materials and websites that I have found useful and inspiring.

Welcome to the website of fine artist Helen Davison Bradley, featuring a selection of portrait, still life and landscape studies. My aim is to give a flavour of my life as an aspiring artist, and my blog includes many studies and critical analysis of my technical processes and the thinking behind my work. I also highlight the many wonderful artists and writers that inspire me. Please feel free to add to the dialogue by leaving a comment.

Recent Posts

  • Midsummer Portrait

    I’m very nearly up to date with posting work now. I’ve had an incredibly unproductive few months, so unless I really pull my socks up, the sparsity of my blogging will only get worse. Partly I have just been lazy,... [more]

  • Dark Paintings in Gloomy Corners

    Absolutely everything was difficult about this portrait (apart from the model, who was a pleasure to work with). In hindsight, the dark corner where we set up was just too gloomy and difficult to see in. The day we started... [more]