Day by Day Oil Portrait

'MaJo'. Oil portrait on linen, life size.

*UPDATED IMAGE* ‘MaJo’. Oil portrait on linen, life size.

Here is a life size portrait that I recently completed (aside from some possible tweaks). I still need to varnish and photograph it properly, but this image isn’t too bad to give you an idea of the finished painting. It was completed over 13 sessions of 2 hours each, and I took a quick iPhone snap at the end of each one to show a step-by-step progression of how the work evolved.

Some days it may not look like very much changed, but I probably tried things, changed my mind, or made small shape changes that subtly moved things forwards. I always find it interesting (and helpful) to see how I got to the end. MaJo is a lovely model and all that hair was great fun.