An Afterthought of Limes

Still life oil painting of squeezed limes and knife by Helen Davison
This is a quick sketch that wasn’t intended at all for today’s painting exercise. I wanted to start work on a larger piece, and began the day by arranging and re-arranging still life objects again and again. Nothing made me happy, although separate elements are all things I would like to paint in and of themselves.

I gave up and decided to have some lunch. Feeling like I needed to be healthy, I decided on a cold noodle salad (noodles, raw peas, red pepper, red chilli, cucumber, seed mix, cashew nuts, coriander, mint, fish sauce and lime juice). The squeezed remainders of the limes looked highly paintable to me as I sat and ate up. Rather than reading a book in the sun (as was my plan following the disappointment of the morning’s work), I took the chopping board and all over to the studio and experimented with broad strokes and a fairly rapid completion of this study.

I will try again to resolve my larger set up tomorrow as I want to spend longer on some work with a higher level of finish. These small studies are so addictive though. Something different every day, something that could be great or a disaster.