ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2016 (updated)

Oil painting of seated nude figure by Helen Davison

‘Seated Nude’. Oil on panel, 20cm x 30cm (SOLD)

Oil painting of standing nude figure by Helen Davison

‘Standing Nude’, 8″ x 6″ oil on gessoed card (SOLD)
The Discerning Eye Chairman’s Purchase Prize Winner

I am absolutely delighted to have had three of my works selected for this year’s ING Discerning Eye exhibition – two of my small scale figure paintings and my still life painting of sprats (a painting which has consistently, and much to my surprise, received a lot of lovely feedback). No matter how hard I have tried however, I still can’t get a decent photograph without glare of the figures. The sprats were professionally lit and photographed and I think the difference shows!

Still life oil painting of sprats by Helen Davison

‘Sprats’. Oil on card, 6″ x 8″

The exhibition is held at The Mall Galleries in London, and will be open to the public on Thursday 17th November and run until Sunday 27th November. Admission will be free and all works will be for sale.


I was incredibly thrilled to win The Discerning Eye Chairman’s Purchase Prize for my painting “Standing Nude”. I can’t add much more because, to be honest, I remain pretty overwhelmed and surprised, and really just honoured to have been selected in the first place. I hope it will be a great confidence boost for me however.

The exhibition included a record 724 works by 403 artists. The mix was diverse and eclectic – in style and medium – with the only common connection really being that all work was on a small scale. The exhibition (as well as those of previous years) can be seen on The Discerning Eye website.