Ladurée Macaroons

'Ladurée Macaroons'. Oil on gessoed card, 8" x 6"

‘Ladurée Macaroons’. Oil on gessoed card, 8″ x 6″

A relatively quick sketch of my favourite macaroons from Ladurée. The flavours that hadn’t been eaten at the time of painting were pistachio, Columbian chocolate, salted caramel and coffee.

Creative Illustration by Andrew LoomisIt’s not a particularly well structured painting in terms of composition, but I’m determined to use these alla prima pieces as quick warm up exercises, or pieces with which to experiment a little, and not get too caught up with how successful the results are. I do want to work on my composition skills (or lack of them) however, and have ordered “Creative Illustration” by Andrew Loomis, to help me focus on this aspect of designing a picture. Note: This book is also available online to read for free.