Lemon in Grey

Still life oil painting of a lemon with its leaves by Helen Davison

‘Lemon in Grey’. Oil on card, 6″ x 8″

This was very nearly wiped out, but I felt it had just enough going for it to save it. That said, it’s not satisfactory and I suspect I will paint something else on the other side of the panel – giving any future purchaser a secret bonus painting.

This is the first small alla prima painting that I have done in months. I found it difficult, although the biggest problem was one of lighting and composition. I struggled to set this up in artificial light in such a way that atmosphere remained and there was enough variety of tone to be both unified and interesting. I didn’t succeed and was fighting a losing battle from the start. Still….

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better

(Samuel Beckett)