RWA 162nd Annual Open Exhibition

RWA Open Exhibition PosterI’m thrilled that one of my Alla Prima paintings has been selected for The Royal West of England’s 162nd Annual Open Exhibition. The Exhibition dates are 12th October – 7 December 2014, taking place at the RWA in Clifton, Bristol.

The following pictures include my piece (‘Into the Light’), and some of the gallery shots taken at the opening Private View. I also include a couple of photos of a piece I really liked. It is a painting by Alan Kingsbury titled ‘Teapot with Postcard’. Unfortunately, one of the things that took me by surprise was the larger scale of it. This doesn’t come across in my photo, or on the exhibition poster where it also features. Stood in front of it, the expressive brush marks and thickness of paint are gorgeous. It’s a striking, confident piece of representational painting.