Paint Pot

Painting of a Farrow & Ball Sample Pot

‘Farrow & Ball Sample Pot’. Oil on gessoed card, 8″ x 6″

OK, this isn’t brilliant, but like all of these sketches something is learned. The paintings from this week have all been done in around an hour. I’m not practised enough at working so quickly, and an object such as this little paint pot shows up problems inherent with a hurried drawing. Dealing with straight edges and the perspective of a solid cylindrical object in space doesn’t leave much room for hiding slap-dash structural work.

Still, I showed up; I painted a picture. The Farrow & Ball paint pot (sample size) was a subject given to me by my friend Heather, who is a huge F&B fan. She’s great at designing and co-ordinating interior spaces and loves how the light is diffused by the soft textures of their paint. This sketch will help me to plan a more finished painting for her.