Long Shadows, Coln St Aldwyns

Landscape painting Coln St Aldwyns

‘Long Shadows’. Oil on gessoed board, 20cm x 30cm

Another evening painting of a Gloucestershire village; Coln St Aldwyns. I left it a little too late to get out this evening, and as a result was very rushed in trying to get the paint down and resolve the composition.

This is a beautiful meadow that runs alongside the River Coln. Looking back over where we’d just walked, I was interested in the lengthening shadows, and the shapes made by the golden sunshine picking out highlights on the ground. I couldn’t match the warmth and brightness of this light, it was so vibrant.

In the rush, this is another very broadly painted sketch which carries well when viewed from a distance. In case they are too obscure, the non-descript off white blobs are sheep!