Slad Valley, Laurie Lee Country

Slad Valley landscape painting

‘Slad Valley’. Oil on gessoed board, 20cm x 30cm

I have been wanting to paint some of the stunning views across the Slad Valley in Gloucestershire for some time. This is my first attempt. Famous as Laurie Lee country, and the setting for his novel ‘Cider With Rosie’, Slad Valley remains a very special place that feels lost in time.

This is a view that looks back towards Stroud. When you wander through the woods behind where I stood, you reach other, more remote valleys. You can also loop around to cross this valley and look back over from the other side. I think race horse training takes place around this spot too. There are some spectacular looking stables (and horses) just down the lane, and sanded tracks that circle close by.

There are so many options for painting here. This evening I didn’t have the energy to walk too far with my kit, but I’ll be back!

Here’s a couple of photos I took of some interestingly shaped dandelions. I also shot a little video clip on my phone of the vista (including the hounds who came along too). I didn’t turn off the volume… it was just really quiet.

Slad Valley dandelionSlad Valley dandelion