Oil painting of daisies

‘Daisies’. Oil on gessoed card, 8″ x 6″

I haven’t been painting at all for a couple of weeks. Here’s a quick alla prima sketch of some large daisies from the garden to get things going again.

I’ve been thinking that committing to a painting a day, for a little while at least, might be quite good for me. I have lots of ideas of work I’d like to do, but seem to stumble when it comes to starting anything off. A warm up exercise each day might push me through whatever is blocking my progress.

If I do decide to take up the daily painting challenge, then I must only allow an hour for each piece, then move on to larger scale work for the rest of the day. I was conscious of this when embarking upon this painting. I put on an album (I’m keeping the details of which one to myself as it’s not a particularly good one), and worked to be finished by the end of the last song. I duly succeeded in this task, and while it’s hurried and not terribly finessed, I think it has energy and charm. In a small way, I’m quite pleased with it.