White Lilac

Still life oil painting of white lilac by Helen Davison

‘White Lilac’. Oil on linen, 8″ x 6″

Another painting from a few months ago, this one of white lilac. Thinking that the delicate blossom wouldn’t last very long, I worked quickly and looked for big structural shapes within the larger heads, before picking out a few details and petals of individual flowers. Feeling time was limited helped enormously I think, because it stopped me from too much fussing over details.

The flowers were placed in a vintage lassi cup. It was the first time that I had filled it with water, and up to this point I didn’t know about the tiny, tiny hole in the metal. As I painted a small pool of water grew at the base. It created a subtle, barely perceptible effect which I wanted to capture, and is now my favourite part of the work.